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Friday Night Training

  • The club trains every Friday night.
  • All levels are catered for: from beginners to experienced wrestlers.
  • International wrestlers are also welcome.
  • Your first wrestling session is provided free of cost or obligation.
  • Just come and give it a go.
  • Spectators are also welcome at training nights.


  • Boxing Works Gym, on  Level 2 at 83-97 Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross.
  • The street entrance is next to the EzyMart a few doors down from Kings Cross Train Station
  • Note: The venue may not be staffed at that time….So you will need to be allowed into the premises by one of us from the club holding an access key. There is usually a wrestler there from 6pm to let you in.
  • Just ring the doorbell and we will buzz you in. When you arrive, just ask for Sydney Silverbacks Wrestling Club.


  • 6:30PM (sharp) – 8:00PM  There is usually a wrestler there from 6pm to let you in.
  • Please arrive a little earlier to change into your training gear and make your way to the mat to be ready for the 6:30PM warm-up.
  • After the warm up we have coaching from 7:00PM – 8:00PM.



What to wear:

  • Regular gym gear – Shirt/singlet and shorts.
  • For hygiene reasons street shoes are not permitted on the mat.
  • You can either go barefoot, wear socks or, if you have them, dedicated wrestling shoes.
  • Please make sure your fingernails are clipped short and all jewellery taken off.
  • Please also bring a sweat towel, bottle of water, and a towel if you want to shower afterwards.
  • We strongly recommend you bring a towel and change of clothes, as training can be strenuous and sweaty, particularly in the summer months!
  • As a respect to others , please shower not too long prior to training . If you are unable to shower at home, there are showers at the venue.

What to expect:

  • Wrestling is a comparatively safe contact sport. We train with safety as a first priority.
  • Sessions commence with a short warm-up consisting of exercises that begin to build on techniques needed in wrestling followed by neck exercises and general stretching.
  • The coach will then teach a number of wrestling moves. Wrestling is kept at a 50-80 per cent effort level. This allows you to learn technique at an easy pace and not expend too much energy.
  • Modified wrestling games may also be played to build on the skills learnt.
  • During training you may be introduced to many skills and exercises you have not previously encountered using muscles you may not have used before.
  • Some skills you may pick up straight away. Other skills may need time and practice to develop. The important thing to remember is: give it a go and have fun!



We are a very friendly bunch. After training, many of us grab a bite to eat followed by a drink or two at one of the local pubs. You are more than welcome to join us!


Wrestling Fees

All fees go towards cost of coaching, venue hire, insurance, and affiliation costs.

  • First  3 wrestling sessions are free!
  • Thereafter, $10 per session (purchased through bank transfer. No cash please)
  • Yearly Club Membership costs $60
Wrestling fees can be paid  via electronic transfer to the club’s bank account.
Please use your name as reference:
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
Account name: Harbour City Wrestling Club
BSB: 06 2133
Account No.: 10928567

If you have any questions about how to start wrestling, contact us by email.